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I’m really glad to see you here—because more than likely, we’re a lot alike.  We’re both trying to make the best out of what we do, and hopefully what you do is something you really enjoy doing!  Of course today, being in business or in any role where 'selling' something matters...Is harder than it's ever been.  Apart from all of the financial and social pressures, we're up against a huge barrier that exists between me and you and our markets - SCEPTICISM!

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It's always been around, but over the past few years in particular, questioning, doubting and plain mistrust has grown exponentially, largely because of all the things that have gone wrong in the world. Large Institutions, Companies and Individuals blatantly ripping people off, providing extraordinarily bad or sometimes almost fraudulant advice, providing bad and faulty products or services (and NOT standing by to remedy the faults), people losing huge amounts of money, people losing their jobs...And all crystallised a few years back with the 'GFC'.

No wonder when it comes spending hard earned money, many consumers are super sensitive and fierce sceptics!  All this means neither of us can be complacent...We have to do everything we can to restore their faith...To rebuild their TRUST, if we want to succeed today.

As a small local business owner, sales or service professional, author, coach or entrepreneur, I bet you know first hand how stressful getting your market to believe in you, and your products and services can be.

Well, not anymore. I create straight forward educational systems and tools that will help you position your credibility, authority, expertise and trust with your target market...Your 'Ideal' customers and clients, so you are seen as THE 'Go-To' Person in your field...An Authority - So you get you more more leads and more sales and so they pay you the fees that you deserve—for less stress and no drama.

                                               Bringing My Experience Forward - Gain From My Failures & Successes!

I've worked in Sales and Marketing since 1982, and have held a number of Sales Management roles within leading Funds Management & Service Organisations. With key responsibilities for leading, guiding and coaching successful sales teams, I've worked directly with over 200 Financial Advisory firms and their staff (and indirectly with very many others).

I also have extensive successful experience in owning and running my own financial planning businesses; on my own and in partnership, starting two from scratch, attracting and retaining many hundreds of clients. And..I've had experience in both buying and selling businesses. And I now run my own Business Growth Coaching, Consulting and Strategy Implementation businesses.

I've been fortunate over my career to reach many milestones and see many career highlights, including..

  • 2 times SA & NT “Night of Night” Nominee – MLC Limited / National Australia Bank;
  • 2 times Practice Development Manager, Australia – MLC Limited No 3 Australia;
  • 4 times Premier Sales Division SA/NT – ‘Agency Manager’ National Mutual/AXA - Winner;
  • 2 times Premier Sales Division SA/NT – ‘Agency Manager’ National Mutual/AXA - Runner Up;
  • 2 times Top Sales Office SA/NT – ‘Agency Manager’ AMP - Winner;
  • 2 times Blue Ribbon Sales Award - AMP - Winner;
  • 2 times Quality Sales Award - AMP - Winner;
  • 2 times Centurions Sales Award - AMP - Winner;

I've presented, coached, consulted  and implemented Sales, Marketing & Business Services and Strategies to and on behalf of...AMP...Australian Loan Company Limited...Asteron Life...MLC Limited...NAB...Professional Investment Services...As well as an abundance of Local Business Owners, Professional Advisers, Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants!

I believe in building processes and systems and developing tools that are crucial for building, positioning and imbedding trust with your market for business today—but I don’t believe it needs to be stressful or hard. Seriously.

And thank you for coming by.
All the very best...