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Kym Turner

3 Things That Could Be Destroying Your Presentations – And Your Profit.

Presentations That Pay For many, speaking opportunities often fulfil at least 2 objectives. The first is to deliver your core information – knowledge, training, coaching.  The second objective is to act as part of your marketing sequence – either to sell directly to your audience at the conclusion of your event…Or…to arrange personal meetings where you can gain the chance to engage individuals to become your clients..Ultimately to sell them your advice, services and/or products! And, if you have completed any presentations either in person or online, you know that a great deal of work goes into creating and giving […]

Get Seen…Get Visits…Get New Clients!

A Smart Strategy For Finding and Getting New Customers, Clients, and Patients If you are searching for the best ways to find new business opportunities, below I’ll cover a very simple ‘Online’ marketing depth… that you can follow yourself.  ….AND..I’ll give you the chance to get hold of up to $1,500 worth of Special Bonuses… Now in my last post ‘The 3 Best Ways To generate New Business Leads Fast’ …The first 2 methods I covered were not Online methods..In fact they were about Referrals – From existing clients and from centre’s of influence…Yes referrals are among the best, most efficient […]

The 3 Best Ways To Generate New Business Leads – Fast!

Let’s face it there are so many different ideas about how to grow a business that it’s often very confusing.  Sometimes it’s even overwhelming, and that can be really bad because often overwhelm causes procrastination – I know it can do with me! So rather than making a list of say 100 methods and trying to put them into practice – poorly…I want to refocus myself and look at the very best, most proven and most effective ways to attract and convert new clients. Now of course you most likely already know these and agree about their benefits…But it doesn’t […]

The Right Type Of Marketing For Your Business – Video

Do You Want New Clients? Most of us do and unfortunately that means work! Of course the best method of generating new clients has always been through referrals – Referrals from our existing clients and through Centres of Influence! However many still are not cultivating enough new client opportunities via referral and need and want other effective client attraction methods. Marketing Systems So we need marketing systems in place that work efficiently, effectively and at an affordable investment…In other words whatever system we choose, it needs to have a positive Return On Investment! But marketing is often misunderstood, misrepresented and…Misused. […]

Speeding Success With Trust – Video!

We all want to set up our client relationships to be sound, strong and beneficial for both parties from the very beginning! And we all know that the foundation for successful relationships is TRUST! But often we don’t do nearly enough to establish our credibility, authority and trust as fast as we can. We figure, perhaps sub-consciously, that our ‘winning’ personality and communication abilities will do the job for us.  And whilst these are important components, most of us need to do a lot more, a lot faster, to ensure we get the best results for both our clients and […]

Frustrated..Annoyed..Not Getting The Fees You Want?

No matter how good your business is, when you deal with people there are bound to be times when we get a little frustrated or upset – True. Yes it is, but do you get annoyed or frustrated because your clients are just not the right fit…They’re not following your guidance or advice and/or you are not charging – Or Getting – The fees you want and deserve? If that’s the case it’s most probably because you are not seriously looking for, or finding, your true ‘Ideal Clients’!  I’m not talking necessarily about your ‘Target Market’, although of course YOUR […]

3 Good Reasons You Should Write an Ebook

One Key Asset To Most Good Sales Funnels If you’re like most people in business I know, generating a stream of new client opportunities is paramount!  Even if you have a ‘full book’ of clients that your look after on an ongoing basis, you need to replenish and replace those you will lose through natural attrition. So you need to create a system to bring in new leads and to do that properly – You need a dedicated ‘Sales Funnel’!(Not just a website….But a dedicated web based attraction process, specifically designed to systematically bring in new targeted prospective clients) See this […]

3 Powerful Video Strategies That Build Trust & Authority

by admin
“A Picture Worth A Thousand Words – A Video Worth 100,000…” In a world full of sceptics, we have to be able to build and position Trust & Authority with our specific target market as quickly as we can! Using video on your website adds real value to both your business and your website visitors.  And, used the right way, can position you and your business as real ‘Authorities’, dramatically increasing the opportunities for developing new client relationships as well as further imbedding trust and credibility with your current clients! 3 Video Strategies That Work Here are just 3 types […]

Are Your Prospects & Clients Sceptics?

Let me ask you a couple of questions Do you sell, advise, consult or sell – Let me put it another way…Do you make a living advising , consulting or selling? Do you rely on your ability to influence others to take your advice?  If so, how’s it going today? Competition has gotten stronger – AND…Let’s face it, not that long ago, it was far easier to gain the TRUST of people FAR quicker, than can be the case today.  Whilst our natural human tendencies always warn us to act a little cautiously at first – Today for many, getting […]

This Is It – After Today Unfortunately It Will Be Gone!

Will I Miss Out? It’s only natural – Worrying about NOT getting something, either at an especially low price, or simply because this thing that we want won’t be available anymore. Many marketers use this psychological weapon of influence (as Robert Cialdini describes them in his book ‘Influence..The Psychology of Persuasion’)…But still many more businesses just don’t, and that can be a big mistake. Has This Affected You? When I think back, scarcity has worked on me for most of my life.  On of my earliest recollections of Scarcity, dates back to 1977.  I was in the Army and had been […]