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Explainer Videos

There are many ways that a small business can use video marketing to increase their presence in the eyes of potential customers and then convert this awareness into sales revenues. Depending on what specific message the small business is promoting, there are many types of videos that can be used.

  • Get viewers involved with your offers.
  • Gain immediate attention and quench your markets' curiosity.
  • Answer their most frequently asked questions.
  • Quell their concerns and overcome their real anxieties!

One of the best attributes of any video marketing campaign is that is can incorporate many different types and style of videos into a single and broad-based advertising strategy.

One Key Strategy for small business could use videos to market their products, their services, their individuals or their company as a whole is using Explainer Videos.

Product or Service Explainer / Description videos

These are as the name suggests, videos that describe and explain the products and services your business provides.  They count as direct advertising and allow a consumer to learn about the specifics of a product in a manner that is more interesting and faster than reading the product’s manual.

There are many different styles you can use to get your business and marketing messages across to your market.  Some styles are Character Animated Explainer Videos, Professional Animated Explainer Videos, Infographic Videos, Whiteboard Animated Videos, Kinetic Typography (Text Based) Videos, Motion Graphic Videos and Live Staff /Client Videos.

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