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Do You Want to Learn More About How To Overcome Resistance or Scepticism from Prospects and Clients, Speed Up Your Client Conversion and How To Get Paid The Level of Fees You Want and Deserve? Do You Want To Know How To Build Trust and Position Your Authority, Show You As The Subject Matter Expert In Your Field? These Resources Will Help You Begin That Journey!

Free Resources There are so many strategies, tools, templates and guides you can adapt and use in your business to instill your Credibility, Authority and Trust. So to help you out, I’ve provided some FREE information, ideas and tools for you on this page. And, we'll continue to add more along the way.  Find Resources

Resource Links I’m often asked about the products and services I use and recommend, so I decided to create this page with all the information in one place. These are links to my own associated businesses, which means I get paid if you purchase. However, you should take a look because we offer some terrific services that provide you with outstanding value!   Get Links

Online Learning Webinars A range of webinars with key topics providing insights, information and ideas about how you can find, attract, engage and convert new clients faster and better and demonstrating methods, tactics, strategies and tools that will help you to develop and grow your business!  Watch Webinars

My Books Key, detailed information, knowledge and ideas, communicated and expressed through my eyes. 30 Plus years of my own learning put into writing through a series of publications that has allowed me to place my own insights and views on a range of Sales, Marketing and Business topics!  See Books

Position Your Authority - 4 Part Video Training Start your 'GET MORE' transformation right now by studying my FREE video training, which provides key insights that will immediately transform your business reality! Don't let scepticism, doubt and resistance from the people you want to be your clients, slow your client conversion down, or stop you completely!  Watch Videos