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Website Design

Let our team of experienced professional web designers build you a creative, beautifully designed professional website that is engaging and captures your audience’s interest and that is completely reflective of your company’s unique identity, products and services.   What's more we build your website so it acts as a 'magnet', drawing in your visitors and enticing them to communicate with you, allowing you to build a relationship and trust, ultimately leading them from visitors to customers!

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Let us help you make a splash, and make it stick.
Now, with your own Content Management System (CMS), you’re in the driver’s seat and have full control of all your content on your website. The updates you make to your website are instantaneous. No more waiting for a company to make updates to your website for you. And no more hassle of checking to see if the updates have been made. The bottom line: You’re in control, you save time, and you save money.

Template Websites 

  • Websites are professionally presented with a range of template styles available to choose from..
  • Minor customisation is available..
  • Mobile “Responsive” Template Design (Desktop, iPad & Smart Phone friendly)..
  • Optimised for one theme keyword phrase and 4 secondary keyword phrases..
  • Onpage SEO - Meta, Title, Headings etc (different for each individual page..
  • Includes plugins - free & paid as part of onpage SEO (without replacing ongoing SEO)..
  • Google Analytics installed..
  • Client provides logo, all business details, images relating to business, and all content.

Website Content Package

A website content package can be purchased separately.  Content Package includes..

  • Recommendations of pages, their design layout and page titles..
  • Recommendations of additional tools and placement to assist in lead capture and sales conversion (The Sales Funnel)..
  • Professionally written copy for each major page  - Compelling copy which includes 'Client Value Proposition' designed to attract & engage visitors and position you and your business offer and includes sales and motivation triggers. (Up to 10 Pages)..
  • Includes graphic design for header banner incorporating current Logo..
  • Includes any necessary stock photographs and images.
content package
  • Establish your credibility and position your Authority.
  • Attract new clients through compelling Direct Response Strategies.
  • Get your site found on Google & Other search engines.
  • Mobile optimised so you capture this ever growing search market!

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